2017-10-24 (Tourism) The mountin Hunneberg in the west of Sweden is very intersting and fine to visit. The mountin is by the lake Vänern who is the biggest lake in north Europe. If you like really fine nature, go there!

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2017-10-19 (News) In Sweden pepole is very disappointed at the government who want´s that pepole in the country should work longer in aged, more than 65 years old. That´s not fair to pepole who have work hard.

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2017-10-18 (Funny pictures) Every week at icedaniel.se we publish new funny pictures. Keep and enjoy this time !

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2017-10-16 (Instagram) In Sweden the singer Lisa Ajax is very populat on the Insta. She sings and is famous for the Swedes but not outside the country.

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2017-10-14 (Music) Give all visitors good Swedish music from the 80´s. Anki bagger with "Where were you last night". This is good music and is still fresh in some way.

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2017-10-13 (News) Sweden have lots of famous musicans/artists. Avicii is one of them who is well known in the world.

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2017-10-11 (News) Many pepole want´s to come to Sweden for work or start a new life. But their is several of rules if pepole just got a chans to stay in Sweden or not.

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2017-10-10 (Instagram) In Sweden the longjumper Khaddi Sagnia is very popular on the Instagram. Hot and sexy.

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