2016-10-01 (Cams) On this website can you watch pepole in cams in their own home. It´s funny to see, it´s like a real Bigbrother show.

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2016-09-30 (Instagram) In Sweden the longjumper Khaddi Sagina is famous and lots of pepole follow her on Instagram. She was in the Olympics i Brazil this summer but she didént well, she miss the final.

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2016-09-29 (Music) A good singer and girl Tone Norum with her hit "Stranded" from 1989. Really good swedish retromusic. I think lots of pepole think this sound like hit even today.

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2016-09-28 (Instagram) On Instagram in Sweden Bianca Wahlgren Ingrosso is very famous and now she and her mom get a realityshow on TV.

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2016-09-27 (Jobs in Sweden) In Sweden their it´s lots of jobs to seek and the company´s really needs good workers. On this site can find job from the official goverment jobsite.

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2016-09-26 (News) The swedish schoolsystem have a really big problem and lots of teachers is unhappy in their job. Many sad it´s about absurdity of kindness who is the problem.

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2016-09-25 (News) In Sweden their it´s a nasty crime then soccerhooligans attack young refugee´s in big cities.

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2016-09-23 (Immigration) Three pepole in Gothenburg is arrested for smuggle migrations across Europe. That´s a big problem that pepole cross borders illegal.

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